Drama Building for Yankees-Tigers Finale

AP Photo

We should’ve known all along this division series would end up at Game 5’s doorstep, even though the Yankees and Tigers have careened wildly between invincibility and incompetence. Just who are the October Bombers? The team that couldn’t touch Max Scherzer in Game 2, or the one that took Rick Porcello apart layer by layer in Game 4?

And what about the Tigers? Are they the Justin Verlander-led monolith or the Mets lookalikes who embarrassed themselves in the final two innings of Tuesday night’s blowout?

Actually, the answers are secondary to the nine-inning shootout that awaits tonight. Consider it baseball’s gift to America, the ultimate win-or-else setting that supersizes the importance of every inning – no, every at-bat. Good luck breathing...

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