Big 12 Allows TCU to Dream Big

Paul Moseley/MCT

On the front wall of TCU's football team meeting room is a pyramid. At the bottom are abstract concepts such as Attitude and Chemistry. As the Horned Frogs climb the pyramid, their goals get much more specific. One space from the top, the goal is "GO TO BCS BOWL & WIN." TCU did that last year. At the top, the goal is "#1 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS."

TCU didn't do that last year, despite going 13-0 and winning the Rose Bowl. Until Thursday, the idea of an undefeated TCU team being allowed to play for the national title -- even if it came from the Big East -- was an iffy proposition at best. Not anymore. When TCU's move to the Big 12 becomes official either Friday or early next week, coach Gary Patterson can tell his team with confidence that if the school of Slingin' Sammy ...

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