Faceless Calvillo Makes QB History

AP Photo

On a football field in the middle of a French-speaking city on the other side of the continent, the greatest passer in the history of professional football blew big puffs of air from bloated cheeks.

"To think that a skinny little Mexican kid from La Puente could be in this position, I could barely hold it all in," said Anthony Calvillo, his voice cracking.

In a crowded living room in a Downey cul-de-sac, a family cried for him.

"Endure and fight," said his brother Mario, tears blotting the shoulder of his souvenir jersey. "That's what the Calvillos do, we endure and fight."

In the Canadian Football League game on Canadian Thanksgiving Monday, Anthony Calvillo of the Montreal Alouettes became football's all-time passing leader with...

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