Rangers' Cruz, Napoli Swing ALCS

Rangers' Cruz, Napoli Swing ALCS

So that's the way you beat these guys, huh? Let it be a classic and tense ballgame, let it stretch into the 11th inning, and then Nellie Cruz -- him again -- goes real deep.

Except mix in Mike Napoli this time, and factor in a wrong string pulled by Tigers manager Jim Leyland, which is not exactly common stuff.

Whatever, it's a scenario that works well for the Rangers.

In almost -- almost -- a repeat moment from the Game 2 theater down in Arlington just three days ago, a four-run eruption in the 11th here Wednesday night swung the critical swing Game 4 of the American League pennant series.

A 7-3 win (same final score as Game 2) leaves the Rangers one game away from a World Series return, and even if Detroit ace Justin Verlander wins today, the guarantee is still that Arlington will host a Game 6 elimination contest, with the Rangers on the positive side of that situation.

But the entire series seemed to be riding on this Game 4, and this was a night (after a 2 hour, 13 minute rain delay for the start) that overflowed with epic moments and managerial moves that had the second-guessers in full voice.

Start with Leyland first in that category, because his move came last.

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