Trouble Brewing for Cardinals

Trouble Brewing for Cardinals

The moment the final out was recorded at second base and all the ribbon boards and giant scoreboards inside Busch Stadium glared nothing but bad news, a subdued hush fell over the place and the crowd of 45,606, a sellout, spilled glumly into the cool autumn night.

Brewers 4, Cardinals 2.

And now the only sound that could be heard inside the ballpark after Game 4 of the National League championship series was the unsettling sound of the Brewers tapping the brakes on a mad dash by the Cardinals toward another World Series.

The still of the night spoke volumes for what had just transpired in this best-of-seven series, suddenly tied at two games. Twenty-four hours earlier, there was a subtle sense that all the momentum of the NLCS had swung the Cardinals' way. Now as the Brewers streamed off the field hand-slapping, elbow-tapping and chest-bumping their way into the visitors' clubhouse, there was an uneasy sense that things had just dramatically changed.

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