Brewers Losing Grip on Series

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During the course of baseball's 162-game regular season, the concept of momentum has limited relevance.

But in the playoffs, momentum seemingly shifts from inning to inning, and most certainly from game to game as every pitch and every play become magnified beyond reason.

Players can't afford to take that emotional thrill ride, even if logic occasionally throws a backdoor slider to remind them how close they are to the World Series. For perspective's sake, it's still a day-to-day experience.

But just try selling that to Brewers fans. Rationality has nothing to do with the wild momentum swings that have had their team in apparent control of the National League Championship Series, out of it with a pair of alternately bad and frustrating losses and then back in charge with a pine-tar grip after a commanding Game 4 performance against the St. Louis...

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Bullpen Gives Cardinals Upper Hand

October 15, 2011

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