Sounds Crazy, But MWC, C-USA Wise to Merge

Sounds Crazy, But MWC, C-USA Wise to Merge

The merger of the football operations between Conference USA and the Mountain West seems quite a bit less insane using that logic. Banowsky and Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson began discussing this more than a year ago -- just after the first near-implosion of the Big 12 touched off a series of tectonic shifts that has yet to stop. The presidents of the league's 22 schools voted to approve the merger Friday.

On its surface, it sounds crazy. Why would merging one mediocre league with another mediocre league produce anything more than a giant ball of mediocrity? Look at it from Banowsky and Thompson's perspective. No one knows what the hell is going to happen. This BCS cycle ends after the 2013 season. Since the conferences have changed so much since the last deal was struck, why should we assume the format will in any way resemble the one in place now? Why should we assume the next iteration will even be called the BCS?

Given all that, it makes perfect sense to try an idea that two years ago sounded mad.

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