Boise State's Moore a True Student of the Game

AP Photo

Let's get to the bottom of this. Kellen Moore has an ideal physique for a quarterback—if that quarterback competed in an adult flag football league. He's listed at 6 feet on the Boise State roster and may very well be that tall, if measured from the crown of the Boise blue ball cap he was sporting last week. He's not very fast. "He runs a sub-five-second 40," says a teammate. "Let's leave it at that." Critics question his arm strength.

Yet this seemingly unremarkable 23-year-old, this laconic, shaggy-haired lefty from Prosser, Wash., this newlywed who looks like the guy at Best Buy trying to hustle two-year warranties, is about to become the winningest quarterback in the history of major college football. If the fifth-ranked Broncos (6--0) get past...

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