McCourt Settlement Two Years Too Late

McCourt Settlement Two Years Too Late

Two years ago the settlement of Frank and Jamie McCourt's divorce would have seemed sane and sober.

A private resolution to spare a beloved public franchise from harm. Two people who shared nearly 30 years of marriage would walk away broken and poorer, but the team they claimed to love would have been kept out of the malicious crossfire.

Today, the settlement is insulting.

After all this, they settle? With a deal that could have been reached years ago? In a manner that sets the stage for another fight between Frank McCourt and baseball commissioner Bud Selig?

It is nauseating on so many levels: the damage done to the Los Angeles Dodgers, the time our legal system has wasted on the matter, the embarrassment felt by a city that loves its team but largely couldn't watch this season if it meant supporting this charade any longer.

But mostly, this is just foolish.

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