McNabb Stumbles Sadly Into Irrelevance

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Remember way back on Nov. 17, 2002? Donovan McNabb led the Eagles to a 38-14 trouncing of the Cardinals, which wasn’t that big a deal until after the game, when you found out that he had broken his ankle on the third play of the game, and still managed to throw four touchdown passes.

Whatever happened to that guy?

Obviously, Donovan wore out his welcome here a long, long time ago – with fans, with media, with teammates and with coaches. It was like he felt he had reached superstar status and didn’t need to work anymore.

And now, McNabb is just about the saddest case in the NFL. He stumbles around in purple like DeNiro at the end of Raging Bull, out of touch with what he has become – an incompetent shadow of his former self.

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