Cards Capitalize on Opportunities

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We came here expecting the sound track to Game 1 of the 2011 World Series to be crashing cymbals, exploding sky rockets and the constant knee knocking of bewildered starting pitchers overwhelmed by so many big bats. Yet by the end of this brisk 49-degree evening inside the red swarm that was Busch Stadium on Wednesday night, what we got instead was a nervous, down-to-the-last-out battle where subtlety trounced the loud bang of a home-run blast.

So the opening act of this World Series -- a memorable 3-2 victory by the National League champion Cardinals over the American League kings from Texas -- will be remembered for the nuance of so many intricate moments where all the little things mattered most. Instead of allowing the Rangers to turn this into a muscular beer-league home run derby, the Cardinals made it a game better suited to their National League roots.

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