Old-School Bullying Football Back in Big Ten

Old-School Bullying Football Back in Big Ten

Finally, a fair fight. Now that Michigan State is done bullying Michigan for another year, it'll have to pick on someone its own size. Someone even larger, actually.

The Spartans were bigger, badder and better than the Wolverines. But can they bludgeon the bigger, badder, better Badgers?

This is old-school Big Ten football, back to when running games and runny noses ruled. Now that Michigan and Ohio State have politely stepped aside for a few years, it's up to Michigan State and Wisconsin to head to the back alley and punch each other in the mouth. (Note to Spartans: That is notmeant literally).

Saturday's game in Spartan Stadium will determine, for now, the conference's toughest, nastiest, smashmouthingest team. The Spartans (5-1) and Badgers (6-0) are trying to prove football still is won in the trenches, unless you play in the Southeastern Conference, where it's won in the meaty hands of boosters.

Michigan State beat Wisconsin, 34-24, last year but lost the Rose Bowl bid because of a vast Big Ten conspiracy (psst, that's what I heard). Now, the Spartans might have to beat the Badgers twice to go because they could meet again in the Big Ten Championship game.

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