Washington's Aggressive Approach Pays Off

Washington's Aggressive Approach Pays Off

He might never be celebrated by George Will, Bill James and other baseball intellects.

Heck, he was the village idiot for using Esteban German as a pinch-hitter in Game 1 – a move that baffled most of us, but had Tony La Russa recalling German’s days as a contact hitter with the Royals and thinking, “Oh no, not him.”

Maybe, as La Russa indicated, the Rangers’ Ron Washington is smarter than you think.

Not always in an Xs-and-Os kind of way – let’s face it, Wash will do some funky things from time to time. But watch the Rangers play, and consider how they rallied against the Cardinals Thursday night in Game 2 of the World Series.

Simply put, they embodied the spirit of their manager.

That daring on the bases – the steal by Ian Kinsler on the seemingly impenetrable Yadier Molina, the heads-up sprint to second by Elvis Andrus after the Cardinals botched a cutoff – that’s Wash.

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