Wisconsin Prepares for Rough Spartans

Wisconsin Prepares for Rough Spartans

Can anybody save the Big Ten from the Badgers’ claws?

We’ll find out Saturday night, when No. 4 Wisconsin ventures to No. 15 Michigan State for what’s looking like its toughest challenge.

Key question No. 1: Are the Badgers, who’ve used their high-powered offense to blow out their first six opponents, really this good?

No. 2: How will Wisconsin handle adversity, if and when it comes?

No. 3: Will the Spartans, who are likely to be under the referees’ microscope after their chippy performance against Michigan last week, be able to harness their feistiness in a productive way?

No. 4: Where would once-beaten Sparty be if he’d packed his ornery makeup kit for that trip to Notre Dame?

The answer to that last question, we’ll never know.

The rest of the equation will unfold, though, before a national-TV audience at Spartan Stadium.

After basically bragging that MSU strives for “60 minutes of unnecessary roughness,” defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi said he used a poor choice of words.

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