Stanford's BCS Task: Go Unbeaten

Stanford's BCS Task: Go Unbeaten

We speak now of the BCS standings, and if you feel a sudden need to wash your face and hands, go ahead; I know I just did.

College football's championship structure is wrong and it's filthy, with a side of arrogance. You want to get into a BCS-executive kind of mood, go put on a bright orange jacket, have about three drinks too many and belittle all those fine, worthy schools who have no chance of being invited to the party. Then laugh heartily and count your money.

Just be glad that Stanford keeps winning.

The Cardinal had a bit of an awakening Saturday night, giving up shocking chunks of yardage, but it hardly mattered in a 65-21 thrashing of Washington before a sold-out crowd at Stanford Stadium. If you saw the game, and concluded that Andrew Luck has about two dozen explosive options within every huddle, it's because that's how it seemed to everyone on a warm, windless sampling of Indian summer.

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