Stanford Built to Win Big Games

Stanford Built to Win Big Games

It's a classic formula: The quarterback plus the power plus the precision plus the defense plus the gritty mindset.

Yes, this Stanford team is set up to win momentous games, which works out, because the Cardinal has a line of potential momentousness ahead of it, starting Saturday in Los Angeles against USC.

This Stanford team, led by Andrew Luck, doesn't need to trick opponents. It just lines up and does what it does.

And if you over-react to what Stanford does, then Stanford can nimbly switch to something else.

Simply: It is built to win important, pressurized games.

"Joe Montana said it best," Cardinal coach David Shaw said this week when I asked how he prepares for big games. "Joe said, 'You know what, when we got into a tight spot, Bill (Walsh) would call the plays that we installed in Day 1 at training camp.

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