Did Ron Washington Blow Game 6?

Did Ron Washington Blow Game 6?

There were two points in Game 6 at which I seriously questioned Ron Washington's judgment.

Before going over those two moments, let me say this: the Texas Rangers did not lose Game 6 because Ron Washington managed poorly. There were dozens of moments, dozens of decisions that determined the outcome of Game 6, and to pick two of them and point to Washington's actions and say they determined the game ... Well, it's just not fair. It's not fair to Washington, or to all the St. Louis Cardinals who did brilliant things.

Still, when a team loses like the Rangers lost ... actually, nobody's ever lost a World Series game like the Rangers lost Game 6. Still, it's appropriate to review the events because ... well, because that's what we do. Our National Game has many charms, and one of them is questioning a manager's judgement after a close loss, whether it's a small game in May or a massive game in October.

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