More Heartbreak for Wisconsin

More Heartbreak for Wisconsin

The Ohio State University, which has been among the cautionary tales for college football of late, trotted out its best-behavior finery Saturday night for the benefit of the one-time scourge of the Big Ten.

Funky uniforms typically reserved for Michigan. The vacationing A.J. Hawk to a standing ovation at the Horseshoe. Eddie George and the marching band's relatively exclusive Script Ohio to fireworks at halftime.

Exactly whom were the Buckeyes expecting for dinner? The 2001 Miami Hurricanes?

And why did all those fans rush the field when it was over?

What were they expecting? Another Michigan State-type miracle in reverse?

Like that was going to happen.

Let's also be real about this: Wisconsin wasn't exactly BCS material the week before against a now-suspect Sparty. And against an Ohio State that resembled Ohio State only in the tradition it strutted about for a marquee-slot audience against the team that had taken away what the NCAA police didn't, the Badgers looked every bit the part of a second-tier bowl team in the 33-29 loss.

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