Red Bulls Must Part WIth Disgraceful Marquez

Red Bulls Must Part WIth Disgraceful Marquez

The final pathetic image of Rafael Marquez in a Red Bulls uniform should be of the Mexican international holding his face and falling to the ground during a theatrical post-match dust up with the Los Angeles Galaxy.

Marquez wasn’t touched mind you. He was simply reprising his role of both instigator and coward, an act United States soccer fans and players know all too well.

“Marquez needs to leave,” is what Eric Wynalda, the former U.S. international and current FOX broadcaster wrote via Twitter. “Disgrace. Let’s spend the money on some people. Good people. Not over paid punks who make a mockery of the sport.”

Give Wynalda credit for his brutal honesty and accurate assessment of Marquez. And kudos for summing it up in under 140 characters.

Marquez does need to leave New York. It’s what he obviously wants. It’s what the fans demand and I’m sure some of his Red Bulls teammates, starting with Tim Ream, would gladly chauffeur Marquez to the airport.

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