Stewart's Solution for Disputes? Fists

Stewart's Solution for Disputes? Fists

NASCAR's leniency in letting drivers retaliate for perceived slights helped put Tony Stewart in victory lane Sunday at Martinsville Speedway.

The two-time Sprint Cup champion still thinks the "Boys, Have at It" policy could use tweaking: Less banging bumpers and more swinging fists.

"NASCAR is going to have to, at some point, make these drivers be responsible for their actions ," Stewart said. "Let them get their butt kicked. That's what used to happen in the old days. You didn't have guys dumping each other and taking cheap shots.

"You let a guy get his butt kicked once or twice, he'll quit doing stupid stuff like that. As soon as they get done with the victory celebration, set a boxing ring on the frontstretch, give the fans a real show they paid for. Have a boxing match with each of the guys that had a beef with each other."

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