Scratch That Rematch; Once Is Enough

Scratch That Rematch; Once Is Enough

If that was The Game of the Century, then I want my 100 years back.

Top-ranked LSU's 9-6 overtime win against No. 2 Alabama Saturday evening wasn't the game of the century, decade or season. I'm not even sure it was the game of the day.

So let's get this out of the way right now: These two teams deserve a BCS championship rematch like Kim Kardashian deserves to keep her wedding gifts.

I'm not saying LSU's victory suffered from drama deprivation. It didn't. It was the leading cause of gnawed-off fingernails at an electric Bryant-Denny Stadium. The edge of my press box seat was worn down by the time Drew Alleman's 25-yard game-winning field goal somersaulted through the uprights.

But was it a football classic? Close, very close, but no.

Classics don't have four interceptions, four missed field goals, 13 penalties, one fumble, one botched punt returns and zero touchdowns. A punter shouldn't be the best player on the field in a classic.

Bottom line: only a classic is worthy of a Jan. 9 rematch in New Orleans. And this wasn't one of them.

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