Barnes Smart to Return to UNC

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IT'S 8:30 A.M., AND HARRISON BARNES is alone again. The official start of practice still two weeks out, he marches past wet-haired coeds and coffee-toting maintenance men into the empty Dean E. Smith Center for his usual morning workout. It's still painfully early for most college students -- he might be the only person on campus awake by choice. Pulling down the hood of his sweatshirt as he steps inside, Barnes dabs at his nose -- he's got the beginnings of a cold -- and it's apparent he probably should still be in bed back at the dorm suite he shares with three still-snoozing teammates.

"I honestly couldn't tell you what he does in there," says UNC guard Kendall Marshall, who's spent a year dozing through Barnes' alarm clock.

If Barnes is in...

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