Stanford Gets Short Shrift From BCS

Stanford Gets Short Shrift From BCS

You can't get robbed if there's no money in the safe, but the burglars are circling Stanford's football program. They're wearing BCS sweatshirts and singing fight songs from the Southeastern Conference.

Let's first acknowledge that there are more serious issues in college football, and that the Penn State scandal carries implications of the utmost severity. That doesn't curtail Stanford's drive for a national championship, and a brand of prejudice that falls somewhere between arrogance and stupidity.

If you watched the LSU-Alabama game between the nation's top-ranked teams, you were witness to high drama and defensive play of the highest order. You also noticed that LSU's 9-6 win took place in the absence of elite quarterbacking or sustained offense of any kind. Featuring no touchdowns, four missed field-goal tries, 13 penalties and four interceptions, that game was a disappointment, pure and simple - the "lame of the century," as Los Angeles Times writer Chris Dufresne described it.

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