Oregon Wants Another Shot at LSU

Oregon Wants Another Shot at LSU

De'Anthony Thomas didn't know any better. If he did, the true freshman wouldn't have said publicly what his coach and older Oregon teammates might only say privately:

He wants a BCS Championship rematch with No. 1 LSU.

Thomas not only wants a rematch, but he said if the regular season ends with only one unbeaten team -- LSU -- then Oregon is the logical and rightful choice to play the Tigers in a rematch.

"I wouldn't want to play us," said Thomas.

He has a point. Actually, Oregon had 53 points in its surprisingly easy 53-30 victory against undefeated -- oops, that's past tense now -- Stanford on Saturday evening.

The Ducks basically put the Tree in a woodchipper. They ended Stanford's undefeated season and any chance of a national championship appearance. They ended Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck's Heisman Trophy front-runner status. And maybe, just maybe, they ended Alabama's claim as the best one-loss team in the country.


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