Out of Luck? Heisman Hopes Take a Hit

Out of Luck? Heisman Hopes Take a Hit

Whaddya say, Andrew Luck?

One more? One more season on the Farm after this one? One for the road?

OK, that's probably not going to happen.

But if Luck were to hang around for his senior season, that would be the only way the Stanford Cardinal could take a run at the national championship, and possibly the only way Luck will leave Stanford with a Heisman Trophy.

Next season Stanford will be out of Luck, and that seems so, uh, unfair. The kid makes one of the noblest, purest moves in recent sports memory by passing up a massive NFL payday to come back to Stanford for one more season, and what happens?

Oregon 53, Stanford 30.

End of Stanford's (realistic) national championship hopes, end of (possibly) Luck's Heisman hopes.

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