Jets Still Alive, But AFC East Race Is Over

Jets Still Alive, But AFC East Race Is Over

Wave goodbye to the Patriots, and not in a good way for any Jet fan. After their 37-16 victory Sunday night, the Pats are gone, farewell, too far ahead now to catch. New England may only be one game up in the AFC East with seven to play, but that gap might as well be the Passaic River at flood stage.

Why? The Patriots own the tiebreaker, and they also own a schedule that wouldn’t scare Columbia. They host the Chiefs, travel to Philly to face the broken Eagles, host the Colts, go to Washington and Denver, then welcome the Dolphins and Bills.

The Patriots would have to lose two more games than the Jets to blow their lead. If you can unearth two or three losses in that schedule, even for an inconsistent team like New England, you are a remarkably enterprising prospector. So the Patriots will win the division. You can bet on that, and many of you should. Rex Ryan, humbled at last, apologized to his fans and all but issued a concession speech - first seriously, then playfully.

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