Epstein, Cubs Not Helping New Manager

Epstein, Cubs Not Helping New Manager

Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer are working on a second round of the managerial interviews, which they claim is not really a second round, but what else do you call a second interview with, say, Dale Sveum?

Truth is, it doesn’t matter. Theo and the kids can call it what they want. They can take all the time they want, too.

What’s not fine, however, is the way they might be setting up their new manager to fail.

Epstein, see, took a lunch Monday with Carlos Zambrano, his babysitter agent Barry Praver, and Cubs farm director Oneri Fleita. Zambrano, you’ll recall, is team captain of the disqualified list after quitting in the middle of a game last summer. That extended the most embarrassing rap sheet in Cubs history, which would seem like the place to start blowing things up as part of the “culture change’’ everybody at Clark and Addison has been talking about.

But no.

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