Murray a Refreshing Change for Cowboys

Murray a Refreshing Change for Cowboys

He speaks on Thursdays, they said.

And so there we were Thursday afternoon, believers and curious alike.

We gathered in the locker room to hear the latest Fresh Prince of Valley Ranch.

But a funny thing happened when we gathered Thursday to hear the words of rookie DeMarco Murray.

Not only did Murray modestly refuse to stir the brewing pot on a Cowboys running back controversy, but he also neglected to tell us to get the popcorn ready.

This rookie, this kid from Las Vegas, this unassuming third-round draft pick is the guy who's turned around the Cowboys' season?

Seven games into the Cowboys' then-sputtering season, Murray burst out of nowhere -- actually, well, it was Oklahoma -- to rush for a franchise-record 253 yards, including a 91-yard touchdown.

The Cowboys have lost only one game since. And suddenly, defenses are no longer calling quarterback Tony Romo's bluff when he fakes a handoff.

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