Cardinals' Risky Tactics With Pujols

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The relative quiet in the early days of baseball's free agent marketplace is certain to cause a lot of people to be nervous. Particularly because the anticipated bidding for Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols and Milwaukee Brewers big basher Prince Fielder has been slow to develop, most baseball folks aren't sure if this is the calm before an extravagant storm or a signal that no outrageous shopping sprees are lurking on the horizon.

Here in St. Louis, nearly a week has gone by since Cards owner Bill DeWitt Jr. and general manager John Mozeliak met with Dan Lozano, the agent for Pujols, in a much-anticipated meeting at the general managers' gathering in Milwaukee. The big surprise was that DeWitt and Mozeliak did not present Lozano with an expected upgrade on the original...

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