B.C. Wins Grey Cup in Season of Mediocrity

B.C. Wins Grey Cup in Season of Mediocrity

Well, somebody had to win. Even in a year where no team could put together a dozen wins for the first time since the league went to the 18-game schedule — in 1986, if you’re scoring at home — they give out the Grey Cup each and every year, whether the weather permits it or not.

Under the luminous rigging of the new roof at BC Place in Vancouver, with the natural light streaming and then vanishing through the new upper-story windows, the weather was fine. And in the 99th Grey Cup, an unremarkable season ended with a performance that was both admirable and unmemorable, as the B.C. Lions recorded an admirable, unmemorable 34-23 victory over the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

“We won the whole thing,” exclaimed veteran lions offensive lineman Angus Reid. “We went 12-1 on the back end. Of course we were [the best team]. Of course. Dominant. Nobody else came close to that.”

The Bombers didn’t either, the final score be damned. Despite giving Winnipeg every chance to write their own ending, the Lions proved there was one great team in this league this year, even if they were 1-6 before they became one.

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