Hunter to Mold Capitals in His Image

Hunter to Mold Capitals in His Image

Dale Hunter has come back to town to give the Washington Capitals a new identity.


If the personality transplant is successful, the Caps could make the jump to Stanley Cup contender rather than annual spring pretender and NHL joke.

Hunter, the captain of the only Washington team that ever reached the Stanley Cup finals, was so rugged, bordering on nuts, that on the team’s night to honor him, he was presented with the old Capital Centre penalty box.

Hiring Hunter, a gentleman off the ice and a model first-to-practice player for 19 years, is an extreme measure. It’s not quite like getting Rooster Cogburn to clean up your Wild West town, but, considering he’s the only NHL player with 1,000 points and 3,000 penalty minutes, it’s close enough.

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