Future Uncertain for Jaguars

Future Uncertain for Jaguars

For an NFL franchise that has always struggled to create any type of national buzz, the Jaguars were the big story Tuesday for reasons that nobody envisioned happening in one mind-boggling news cycle.

We were all prepared for the Jaguars to cut the cord with coach Jack Del Rio, especially because there was so much good-riddance sentiment among fans, not to mention a good number of team employees outside the locker room.

But few of us saw Del Rio’s dismissal coinciding with Wayne Weaver, the only owner in the Jaguars’ 18-year existence, also saying goodbye. That mini-bombshell, despite constant rumors floating about of Weaver selling the team in recent years, is going to force a lot of fans embracing a new coach to maybe curb their enthusiasm.

Suddenly, the focus and excitement over whether the Jaguars can attract a big-name coach to roam the sideline, is tempered somewhat by what exactly the future holds for this team in Jacksonville.

Come on, admit it. All those who welcomed the Del Rio pink slip are now a tad more apprehensive about the direction of this franchise because you had never heard of Illinois businessman Shahid Khan, the Jaguars’ prospective buyer at a cool price tag, according to Forbes.com, of $760 million.

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