No Fix for Boston's Problems


Bobby Valentine is the new Red Sox manager, reports say. At his introductory news conference, no one will question whether he can handle the Boston pressure cooker or if he has the necessary baseball know-how. Valentine is, by that measure, a very sound hire.

But let’s promise one another, right now, to ignore the spin that is sure to come from Fenway Park. We shouldn’t confuse the hiring of a manager with establishing a course for the organization. The Red Sox fumbled their compass in September and still are kicking through leaf piles in a haphazard attempt to find it.

My colleague Ken Rosenthal first reported that Terry Francona would not return as the Boston manager on the night of Sept. 29. The Red Sox and Valentine reached a verbal agreement on Nov. 29. That is a two-month managerial search, culminating with the hiring of a candidate...

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Franchise Takes a Big Risk

November 30, 2011

The job of managing the Red Sox can be a cauldron of unforgiving heat and scrutiny. This will be the case even more so in 2012 after an historic September collapse further marred by the post hoc revelations that the club's... more »