Big Ten Title Game Misses the Mark

Big Ten Title Game Misses the Mark

The Big Ten has the right idea, and, for this season, the right teams in the inaugural Big Ten Championship Game. It's just the wrong year.

In a weekend filled with games, including six conference championships, that will have nothing to do with determining the BCS title game (LSU will almost certainly face Alabama, even if the Tigers lose in the SEC title game to Georgia), this fits right in. But compared with the recent past, the Big Ten is a year early or a few years too late with this matchup of No. 13 Michigan State (10-2) vs. No. 15 Wisconsin (10-2).

"When we added Nebraska, there was no doubt in our minds this could be a successful opportunity for our conference to showcase the two best teams," Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema said in a conference call earlier this week. "And we believe the two best teams did get to Indianapolis. . . . If one of the two teams had a legitimate chance to play for the national championship, it would have that much more [buzz], but hopefully, that's the direction we're headed."

Or maybe headed back to.

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