Tebow vs. Ponder: Contrasts Abound

Tebow vs. Ponder: Contrasts Abound

Christian vs. Christian.

Tebowing this, and Pondering that.

The quarterbacks in the Broncos-Vikings game today were born six months apart and played college football 149 driving miles apart.

Both are just about 6-foot-2, with eyes of blue. Each was picked in the first round of the NFL draft. This season, both replaced their teams' veteran starting quarterbacks. As kid QBs in the late 1990s, each admired John Elway‚Äč, who was winning two Super Bowls. Both dreamed of emulating Elway's success in pro football. Each is trying to prove himself worthy.

One has been compared to Elway; the other has been disparaged by Elway.

Tebow wears the same color uniform Elway did. Ponder wears the same number Elway did.

Tebow is 5-1 as a starter this season — after entering at quarterback in the second half of the previous game when the Broncos began with a 1-4 record. Ponder is 1-4 as a starter — and came in at quarterback in the fourth quarter of the previous game when the Vikings began with a 1-5 record.

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