Bettman Steers NHL to 'Seismic' Change

Bettman Steers NHL to 'Seismic' Change

Whether or not you hate the new four-conference format adopted by the NHL -- and trust us, there are teams that do silently hate it -- you have to pause and admire commissioner Gary Bettman and his ability to steer the unwieldy ship that is the league.

Heading into Monday's meeting of the league's board of governors, there appeared to be significant resistance to the new four-conference plan, especially from Eastern Conference teams who, by and large, preferred the status quo of the current six-division, two-conference setup.

They weren't crazy about adding more travel to their season and there were concerns about introducing unfamiliar opponents to the schedule.

There was some speculation that the 30 teams might not be able to agree on an alignment package by the end of the two-day meeting.

And yet, all of that worry and bluster dissipated like dry leaves on a windy day.

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