Memorable NCAA Season Wasn't About Football

Memorable NCAA Season Wasn't About Football

On Labor Day night who could have conceived that Joe Paterno would be hiring a crisis communication firm -- to improve his image?

Or that a start-up cable network no one was watching and no carrier wanted to sign would become the biggest football story at Texas since the wishbone?

Or that TCU would be in dealings with its third conference in 11 months.

Or that Urban Meyer would be back in his chosen profession less than a year after leaving it.

OK, 2011 wasn't that unbelievable. But as we chug towards the end of the 14th year of the BCS, the 75th year of the wire-service era and the 142nd year since Princeton and Rutgers teed it up, there is one overarching truth to this season.

It was seldom about football.

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