Texans' Gamble on Kubiak Paying Off

Texans' Gamble on Kubiak Paying Off

This could be a special week in what so far has been a special season for Texans coach Gary Kubiak.

With Sunday’s win over Atlanta, Kubiak’s record is 46 up and 46 down — .500. There has never been a point in his six-year career as a head coach in which he has had more wins on his ledger than losses.

Of course, he didn’t know that. He has more important things with which to be concerned.

Houston is 9-3, riding a franchise-record six-game win streak and battling for a division title and home-field advantage in the playoffs. Still, when you have walked away from more games dejected than elated, it takes a toll, right? So, Kubiak does admit that turning that corner at Cincinnati on Sunday has been a long time coming.

“Well, I guess I want to get it up above .500, don’t I?” he said with a chuckle Monday.

It is good to hear Kubiak laugh at this time of year. We haven’t really seen much of that from him this time of year. His smiles seemingly start to dwindle when the last leftover turkey sandwich is put away a few days after Thanksgiving.

At this time a year ago, with the Texans stumbling with a 5-7 record and mired in a stretch in which they had lost five of six games, there was more than a little rumbling in the Texans’ locker room that Kubiak wasn’t getting the job done.

That isn’t unusual. NFL players understand they have a short shelf life. They get anxious when a season, perhaps a career, isn’t going as they would like.

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