Major Changes Coming for NCAA Football

Major Changes Coming for NCAA Football

Maybe we won't need to cross our fingers and toes. The "plus-one" -- a four-team college football playoff -- is under serious consideration in conferences that previously stood firm against any idea of a bracketed tournament. How serious?

"I happen to agree with my conference colleagues about the plus-one game," Stanford athletic director Bob Bowlsby said Wednesday. "I think it's inevitable at this point."

Speaking at the IMG Intercollegiate Athletics Forum, several influential athletic directors made a few things clear.

• The plus-one is coming.

• The way we view the bowl hierarchy likely will change.

• The NCAA's approval of up to a $2,000-per-athlete stipend to offset the actual cost of attending a university is the first major step toward a separation of Division I's haves and have-nots, and it could be the first step toward a break from the NCAA by the wealthiest schools.

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