Stanford's Only Place Luck Doesn't Stand Out

Stanford's Only Place Luck Doesn't Stand Out

Dusk is settling on the football field and from far away it appears Andrew Luck has done something fantastic. At least that’s what all the hootin’ and hollering suggests, but on the tiny plot of land where journalists are stashed, the Stanford quarterback might as well be a fleck darting across a dusty canvas.

Joggers pass by, focused only on a spot straight ahead. Now and then a co-ed meanders down the path that curves against Elliott Field, but rarely does the head swivel. Most any other big-time college football program would have crowds three-deep elbowing for better views and craving autographs, but Stanford is unlike any other big-time college football program.

“This campus is where presidents’ children come through. It’s where Nobel Peace Prize winners get their start,” Luck says when the Cardinal practice is complete. “We’re reminded of that every day when we look around our classrooms. Athletes don’t operate in a bubble here. We’re treated as normal students and that helps immensely.”

He says this casually, with no apparent ego.

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