Short Suspensions Show Cronin's Words a Farce

Short Suspensions Show Cronin's Words a Farce

CincinnatiĀ basketball coach Mick Cronin must have really calmed down since the press conference Saturday following the brawl between Cincy and Xavier. Let him tell it, he went Bruce Banner ā€“ mad as hell, ripping jerseys off his players and threatening to kick players off his team. Watch for yourself:

Then, even though his entire roster was on the floor the moment Dez Wells pushed Ge'Lawn Guyn, he suspended Yancy Gates and Cheikh Mbodj six games and Guyn one.

Pardon me if I laugh at that.

This is how Cronin shows his guys, as he so passionately said, that they're not more important than the university? By issuing a penalty that will have the whole squad back together for the second game in Big East play? And did he forget about the reserve who, in his warmups, came off the bench with an overhead right and got into another altercation?

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