Brawl's Life Lesson: Growing Into Men

Brawl's Life Lesson: Growing Into Men

Contrition wears a face. It looks like Yancy Gates, crying in front of a bank of TV cameras, a big man made small, slumped over a podium at Fifth Third Arena, a nylon sweat jacket pulled over his head. “A lot of people been calling me a thug and a gangster,” he said. “My parents didn’t raise me like that.”

The knee-jerk feeling now is to trade the ballpoint for a chainsaw. Saturday was a disaster, and Saturday is still painful. Those responsible need to feel the oppressive weight of the burden they created. Choices and consequences: The simplest rules of a civilized society.

The knee-jerk look at the suspensions handed out at UC and Xavier on Sunday is to laugh a cynical laugh. One game off for Tu Holloway, whose rants and tabletop dances celebrated and symbolized the worst day in the history of the Crosstown Shootout? Who embarrassed his school beyond imagination, on national TV?

One game?

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