Interim Coach Wouldn't Help Bucs

Interim Coach Wouldn't Help Bucs

There for a while, they were two men having the same career.

One coached defense and one coached offense, but for most of three seasons, you had to call out the chains to measure the difference between Raheem Morris' team and Todd Haley's.

Both of them struggled in their first year (Haley won four, Raheem won three). Both of them had impressive, 10-win second seasons. And both of them have struggled though catastrophic seasons this year.

The difference is this: Haley no longer has a job, and for at least the time being, Morris does.

Just asking, but who out there wants an interim for Christmas?

Why, other towns have them. Romeo Crennel has taken over in Kansas City, and Miami has turned to Todd Bowles, whoever he is, and the Bucs have just lost to Jacksonville and Mel Tucker, who may end up as the city's new mayor. As unpleasant as the noise is around Tampa Bay, there are doubtless some who think a substitute head coach sounds like a fine idea.

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