Rubio Makes Good 1st Impression

Rubio Makes Good 1st Impression

If ever a Wolves draft pick was destined to disappoint, it was Ricky Rubio, the mystery wrapped in an enigma topped by a bird's nest.

While fans obsess over his reputed passing skills or Barcelona Invasion haircut, empirical evidence described a young, skinny, European backup point guard with an erratic shot who spent two years avoiding Minnesota winters.

I would have argued that if you wanted to get excited about the new Wolves, you'd be better served focusing on Rick Adelman's savvy, Derrick Williams' potential, Kevin Love's dedication or J.J. Barea's arrival than the debut of LMFB.

Then I watched The Loveable Moptop From Barcelona running his squad during scrimmages on Monday and Tuesday, and saw an NBA point guard. Whatever his flaws, Rubio is making a good first impression.

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