Is Nene Biggest Star Nuggets Can Land?

Is Nene Biggest Star Nuggets Can Land?

In this lousy economy, one would think the Nuggets could buy an all-star center for $67 million. You would be wrong. Don't count on Nene leading Denver to a championship.

With the ink on his lucrative new contract yet to dry, Nene was asked: Are you now the man on the local NBA team?

"No, no," replied Nene. "I'm not the man. I'm a big piece of the puzzle."

So the big questions linger: Who will be the man for the Nuggets? Does anybody here really want to shoot the rock at crunchtime? Can Denver ever be regarded as a destination city for an NBA star craving a championship ring?

"When you are in an environment like we are in Denver, I don't know how many of those highest-level caliber players are screaming that they want to come here," Denver general manager Masai Ujiri told me.

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