Rays 1 Bat Away From World Series

Rays 1 Bat Away From World Series

One bat. That's all it will take.

One bat. And I like the Rays better than the Yankees or Red Sox.

One bat. And I think Tampa Bay is back in the World Series in 2012.

Is that an overly simplified view? Sure it is. It's probably overly optimistic, too. Getting to the playoffs is the real challenge. Making it to the World Series is a roll of the dice.

But here, in the safety of the offseason, it is easier to make a case for success. To see more potential than flaws, and to imagine comebacks and breakthroughs all around.

And what I see today is a team that might have the best starting rotation in the American League. A team that plays defense better than any other. A team that could be one middle-of-the-order bat away from glory.

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