We Live In a Twisted World of Sports

We Live In a Twisted World of Sports

This sure isn’t the Golden Age of Sport.

I don’t know what you’d call it — the Aluminum Age, the Strontium-90 Age? — but it’s rare and shimmering only in the way a nuclear explosion is.

The 2011 MVP of Major League Baseball testing positive for synthetic testosterone might be the crisp cherry atop the mushroom cloud of fraud and cynicism and toxic greed that once was good ol’ sport.

MVP Ryan Braun, the Milwaukee Brewers’ left fielder, certainly doesn’t see it that way, and he has vowed to fight his failed drug test and the 50-game suspension that comes with it.

But baseball commissioner Bud Selig — the former owner of the Brewers, remember — had been crowing about what a great job he and his forces have done cleaning up the cesspool of performance-enhancing-drug-taking that MLB had become under his watch. Braun’s cheating adds hubris and smug self-satisfaction to the sins within the wreckage of the unending Steroid Era.

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