Belichick vs. Tebow Will Be Matchup to Watch

Belichick vs. Tebow Will Be Matchup to Watch

Spoke to a bunch of people in and around the league this week about New England-Denver/Tom Brady-Tim Tebow, and the truest point came from a coach who has faced both Bill Belichick and John Fox.

Said the coach: "I will bet you a hundred bucks one of Bill's big points with his team this week has been, 'This is the one week you really have to get out to a fast start.' Maybe play no huddle, but play fast whatever you do ... Don't let Denver dictate the game, and score the first two or three times you get it. That'll force Denver out of the game they want to play.''

Which, for Denver, is what?

"Take the air out of the ball. Keep it away from Brady. Have long drives, take time off the clock and get to the fourth quarter and have it be a one-score game.''

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