Tebow Schooled by One of History's Best

Tebow Schooled by One of History's Best

It was like shoving the cute little coat-check girl up on the runway with Gisele. It wasn’t fair, it wasn’t right, but it sure was revealing. Tim Tebow, the comic book hero who had led the Denver Broncos to six straight wins and inspired the nation, caught a tough break at Sports Authority Field on Sunday.

The NFL schedule-maker put him on stage next to Tom Brady [stats], also known as God’s nephew, and just like that, Tebow looked as small and confused as one of the monkeys riding a dog at halftime. It was like a club pro teeing it up with Kim Jong Il.

Up in his luxury box, Broncos boss John Elway no longer had to put his doubts into words. All he had to do now was point to the field, to No. 12 in white, who seemed to be playing a different sport than Tebow. You see that? That is what a quarterback in the NFL has to do. That’s what Tim Tebow, unfortunately, cannot do. Not now. Maybe not ever.

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