25 Greatest Sportscasting Moments of 2011


Let's begin with a question: how many sporting events did you watch or listen to in 2011? Three per week, maybe? That's roughly nine hours of sports ... minus commercials and intermissions, that's maybe seven hours.

And that works out to 468 hours per year of sportscasters saying things at you. Nineteen and a half sleepless days and nights, if you took it all in at once. A gaggle of humans can't speak extemporaneously for that long without saying some hilarious, awful, loud, beautiful, poignant, and/or stupid things.

This is a list, complete with audio/video, of the 25 greatest such moments of 2011. Be warned: this is a subjective list. There are lesser-known moments I've included, and there are well-known moments I've left out. For example, this moment...

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